Stephen B. Carman, PhD


Designed and implemented first leadership development program for leading Fortune 100 food distributor. Created a blended leadership development program including e-learning, classroom, and action learning resources for 44 corporate leaders and over 500 OpCo supervisors. Leveraged proprietary learning resources as well as resources from DDI, PDI, and Harvard Business Publishing. Result: Reduced training program for front line supervisors from 18 months to 12 months. Improved OpCo metrics, e.g. reduced warehouse expense, cost-per-case, injuries, and shrink, and increased cases per man hour, and pieces per error.

Designed and streamlined competency mapping tool and process for privately held learning products/services provider. Developed and implemented competency mapping tool for learning consultants to map proprietary learning resources, including e-learning, video, and e-book resources, to customers’ custom competency models as well as to third-party competency libraries, including DDI, PDI, Lominger, and others. Result: Reduced processing time from 4+ weeks to 3-5 days and provided customers with targeted blended learning programs to incorporate into their learning development plans in their LMS.

Designed standardized program review template and process for the learning division of the worlds largest information companies. Implemented standardized program review template and process for all assigned Learning Consulting clients. Result: Standardized process across all Learning Consultants resulted in identifying accounts at risk and provided a mechanism to mitigate risk before account expiration.






  1. Executive Dashboards

  2. Training Management

  3. Learning Program Design

  4. Learning Process Development

  5. Customer Training & Support

  6. Competency-based Learning


  1. Organizational Design / Development

  2. Strategic Planning / Implementation

  3. Business Model Development

  4. Executive Dashboards

  5. Competency-based Learning

  6. Leadership / Team Development


  1. Customer Needs Analysis

  2. Project Management

  3. Program Management

  4. Collaborative Problem Solving

  5. Learning Process Development

  6. Customer Relationship Management


Organizational Learning Designer