Stephen B. Carman, PhD


Developed customer care organization supporting the learning division of the worlds largest information companies acquisition of an innovative, privately held learning organization. Designed customer care organization consisting of four managers and 75 team members, into the following departments: learning consulting operations, customer support services, and product technical support. Implemented new virtual learning consulting team of 14 associates in Scottsdale, AZ, and created and implemented customer care analyst team to respond to multi-faceted customer service issues. Result: Streamlined customer care experience for customers and ensured smooth transition.

Aligned customer care operations with the SBUs  in the learning division of the worlds largest information companies. Developed and implemented tools for rapid and focused operational management, including core service methodology and TiPS, a proprietary account assignment model supporting learning program implementations for 900+ domestic clients. Optimized resources within customer care operations and improved operational effectiveness of product technical support department. Managed annual operating budget of $5.5M to support company growth initiatives and improve profit margins.  Result: Created high performance organization; achieved $126M revenue target and exceeded renewal target of 85% for all multiyear agreements; reduced call response times and increased customer satisfaction.

Improved operational effectiveness of learning consulting team for privately held learning products/services provider. Implemented standardized core learning consulting services including competency mapping, marketing strategy, and program review process; developed customer satisfaction survey for learning consulting operations. Implemented a risk assessment process for the learning consulting team to assess client revenue risk and incorporated into CRM tool ( Developed executive dashboards for data-based decision-making and early warning system for accounts at risk that was used by sales and senior leaders. Result: Increased satisfaction on learning consulting and organization-wide satisfaction survey, achieving 5.31 on a 7-point scale.






  1. Customer Needs Analysis

  2. Project Management

  3. Program Management

  4. Collaborative Problem Solving

  5. Learning Process Development

  6. Customer Relationship Management


  1. Organizational Design / Development

  2. Strategic Planning / Implementation

  3. Business Model Development

  4. Executive Dashboards

  5. Competency-based Learning

  6. Leadership / Team Development


  1. Executive Dashboards

  2. Training Management

  3. Learning Program Design

  4. Learning Process Development

  5. Customer Training & Support

  6. Competency-based Learning


Organizational Learning Analyst